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Online Gambling

The Network has been with us for only a few decades now. On the scale of human history, this is a miniscule period. Even dedicated PC’s have come into being several years after the Second World War, and entered the family living room several more years thereafter. Mainly utilized for business and social applications initially, gambling online came into being much later. Yet in this short period of time, it has revolutionized the way people gamble. It is true that gambling is as old as human development. Evidence of gambling with marked bones has been recovered from Paleolithic caves, and all the major civilizations discovered so far have also been known for gambling. It is as if gambling is second nature to man.

The ancient Egyptians and Iraqi Babylonians, the Greeks and the Romans, the Incas and the Aztecs, all have been known for their gambling pursuits. The Chinese were the first to record it in 2300 B.C., and the great Indian Epic “Mahabharata” has gambling with dice as its centerpiece of the plot. Traditional forms of public gambling, such as in stylish Casinos, saloons, speakeasies and gambling dens have proliferated on the ground since. But Online Gambling, especially QQ ONLINE, has completely altered our Society’ outlook on gambling, and allowed it to enter the interiors of family homes, with the women of the house participating.

 QQ Betting

Betting in this form of card game has spread like wildfire. There are seven games that can be played on poker99. These are Super 10, CEME, CEME Dealer, Capsa Bunk, Poker, Omaha Poker and Cue Kiosk. To play in this form of online card game, the Bettor first needs to register with the website. In order to register, quite apart from some essential personal details like name (or alias), conformation that the Bettor is eligible to play (he or she must be over 18 years of age), basic geographical location, contact number and email etc, a minimum money deposit must be made in advance.

This deposit is in order to buy playing chips, thereby creating the necessary gambling investment. This transaction must also be online, in keeping with the basic concept. At the same time, since any earnings or payout will also be online, online bank account or wallet numbers need to be provided. Thus, this form of online gambling is completely paperless. It is therefore convenient for playing anywhere with a suitable device.                                           

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